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Print vs. online?

I don’t think there is a right answer to print vs. online marketing! A strategic marketing plan should almost always include both strategies.

Print marketing: In our ever evolving world of technology, print marketing is still an important part in any marketing strategy. Brochures, flyers and direct mail are all still great ways of communicating with your customers and great ways to get new customers! There is nothing better than flipping through a beautifully printed and designed brochure!

Online marketing: Blogs, social media, email direct mail, websites and online advertising can all drive brand messages, these online platforms are the perfect place. 

I offer Wordpress blog design, Wordpress website design, online advertising banners and one of my favourites... stunning and responsive email templates!

Four interesting facts about email marketing:

  1. 74% of consumers prefer to receive commercial communications via email (Merkle).
  2. 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message (Direct Marketing Association)
  3. 48% of emails are opened on mobile devices (Litmus)
  4. 69% of mobile users delete emails that aren't optimised for mobile (Litmus)

These stats tell a convincing story: that email is still the favoured style of communication for the majority of customers and should definitely be a top priority in the online marketing space!