“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” 

Milton Glaser


Delivering simplicity and clarity in all my design.


Design is the method of putting form and content together. Design, just as art, has multiple definitions; there is no single definition. Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.

Paul Rand



I live by 10 design building blocks to create works of art.
Balance, rhythm, unity, hierarchy, contrast, proportion, emphasis, movement, pattern and space.



Balance, rhythm
& unity

Balance is placing the parts of a visual in an aesthetically pleasing way. Rhythm is repetition of visual movement of the elements. Unity means the harmony of the whole composition.


Hierarchy, contrast
& proportion

Hierarchy is the order in which the human eye perceives what it sees. Contrast is the combination of different elements of design to highlight their differences. Proportion is the relationship between the elements.


Emphasis & movement

Emphasis creates a focal point in a design, how we bring attention to what is important. Movement is the way we lead the eye in, around and through the design.


Pattern & space

Pattern uses the art elements in a random or planned order to enhance design. Space is an empty place in or around a work of art.